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Advanced Communications Skills Facilitator
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          Rob Howard, after a 20-year successful  business career in the US training Sales, Management, Customer Service, and Communications, is always online as an active Facilitator of Advanced Communication Skills, an EFL Teacher and training teachers to build their own freelance businesses. Rob is the owner of Online Language Center and Business Language Training Institute.

          He is a speaker worldwide on Business English, Customer Service, English for Specific Purposes, Teacher Development, Teaching Online, Online Business and Retention, Technology, and Image Utilization.

          He is President of IATEFL Poland, past joint coordinator and co-coordinator of the Web and Online Team for IATEFL BESIG , Online & Video Coordinator for the Visual Arts Circle, and organizer of the Independent Authors and Publishers. He has authored and coauthored several books for EFL. He is a presenter and panelist for various Gallery Teachers TEFL Masterclasses and a trainer for the iTDi TOEFL Teacher Training Course. Rob is also the creator of EFLtalks, teachers teaching teachers, nominated for the 2016 British Council's ELTon Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources.


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teachers teaching teachers

Our global PLN+ of over 400 top professionals in the field bring you 600 short 10-minute videos to aid in your Teacher Development.

Business Language Training Institute

Bringing business to Business English

For teachers making the transition from General English to teaching Business English, BLTi will support you along the way.
Online Language Center

Advanced Communication Solutions

Whether you're a student, teacher or speaker, OLC offers solutions to your communication skills anywhere, anytime tailored to your personal needs.

The one-to-one series

Here is the link to where you can buy the latest books by Rob Howard. Check out the diverse titles available as an eBook or in print.

Presenter: (368 appearances)

33rd IATEFL Poland Conference – Gdansk – September 2024The Best AI Technology for your Classroom is You
33rd IATEFL Poland Conference
– Gdansk – September 2024Present Perfect(ly): Reworking Presentation Skills
EdYOUfest Annual Conference – Bucharest – August 2024 – Plenary -
Best AI Technology for your Classroom is You
IntTech MMVC24 –
August 2024 – Online - English Language Teaching in the Age of AI
Cracow University of Economics - Cracow - June 2024 - Macmillan Workshop - Upskill or Standstill
Online - June 2024 - What You Need to Know Before Bringing AI to Class
Lektor HiTech Conference -
Lodz, Poland - June 2024 - Plenary -
Stop Listening to AI “Experts” and Become One
WinWin – Online – June 2024 -Webinar - The Best AI Technology for your Classroom is You
The IKIGAI International Podcast
– Online – June 2024 – My Ikigai experience
EdYOUfest Webinar –
Online – May 2024 – Host for Rachel Paling Neurolanguage Coaching Talk
Online – May 2024 – Featured Speaker - The Best AI Technology for your Classroom is You
- Online - May 2024 - Using AI to Produce a Course: The VRIO Framework
APPI Conference - Portugal - May 2024 - The Best Technology for your Classroom is You
International House Torun-Training Day - Poland - April 2024 – The Best Technology for your Classroom is You
56th IATEFL Annual Conference – Brighton – April 2024 - The Best Technology for your Classroom is You

EdYOUfest Webinar –
Online – April 2024 -
The Best AI Technology for your Classroom is You
TESOL Macedonia Thrace Northern Greece -
Online - March 2024 – Stop listening to AI “Experts”. Become One
META Moldova Annual Conference
– Moldova – March 2024 – Keynote -
The Best Technology for your Classroom
4th NeuroHeart Conference –
Sitges, Spain – March 2024 – Host for the Pub Quiz
4th NeuroHeart Conference –
Sitges, Spain – March 2024 – Keynote
The Best Technology for your Sessions is You
ELI Publishing Webinar –
Global – March 2024 – Future-Ready English: A Journey into Multimodal ELT Instruction
IntTech CO24 -
February 2024 - Online - The Power of Intelligent Instruction
IATEFL Poland YLSIG & International House Torun Training - February 2024 - Torun, Poland - Storybuilding

Teacher Training Webinar for WinWin – Ukraine – November 2023 – Business English Tactics
IATEFL Poland Webinar - online -
November 2023
SIGs and Regions: new for 2024
36th IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference – Germany - November 2023 – The power of intelligent instruction workshop
36th IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference –
Germany - November 2023 – One-to-won: Winning one-to-one class activities
Win Win Educational Center Conference – Ukraine – October 2023 - To BE or not to BE: English for the Workplace
IATEFL TDSIG WebCarnival – online - October 2023 -
One-to-won: Winning activities for your 1-to-1 classes
International House Kyiv - Training Day – online – October 2023 - Actions Speak Louder than Words: Instructions
32nd IATEFL Poland Conference
– Wroclaw – September 2023Actions Speak Louder than Words: Instructions
32nd IATEFL Poland Conference – Wroclaw – September 2023 -
How to win teaching One-to-One
Lektor HiTech Conference – Lodz – September 2023 – Plenary -
The Best Technology for your Classroom is You
International Publishers Conference –
Athens – August 2023 – Future Ed Panelist with George Kokolas & Rachel Paling


Writer/Blogger: (60)

The Flickering Cave– 2023 - eBook contributor
One To One:
Today's Teachers' Handbook: An updated and practical take on teaching one-to-one -
Activities for Speaking for one-to-one or groups: Teacher's Edition Vol. 1 –
Activities for Speaking for one-to-one or groups: Student's Edition Vol. 1

See more
One To One - Teachers' Handbook
Activities for Speaker TB
Activities for Speaker SB
EFLtalks cookbook
How to teach the TOEFL iBT Speaking Test
EFLtalks: The Companion Guide Volume 1
How to make Study a Habit
Student Projects
Prepping clients for Conference Calls
PARSNIP Volume 2
PARSNIP Volume 3
And that has made all the difference
Who knows but she would tell?
The Waltz We Were Born For
I Prefer Exceptions
Frozen in Time
Few Hearts Like Theirs
The Flickering Cave

Other Projects and Sites


EFLtd is a new group, a spinoff from EFLtalks, for free EFL teacher development ideas, resources and tips. We welcome experienced teachers to share their expertise with new and future teachers as well as questions from teachers looking to learn more. We have a rather active group but are always looking for more content. Join us and become a part of it.

Independent Authors
& Publishers Group

IAP is a non-profit group of independent authors and publishers spreading the word about using of eBooks and print-on-demand as a new source for your EFL materials. Come see us at the annual IATEFL Conference. Check out our page at

This is a community for Advanced English students from around the world to share and learn tips and advice to become a better language learner. We share blogs and links from top teachers and educators to help you improve. We currently boast around 18,000 viewers and have a large number of professionals sharing tips and offering help.

Vdioms is an ongoing project to help teach American English idioms. They are short, funny and sometimes silly classroom friendly English Idioms represented in vídeo form for ESL learners to understand the meanings while having a little laugh at the same time.
Check out and subscribe to our YouTube Channel at Vdioms.
Shit they can't teach you in school

A visual urban dictionary for English learners. These are the idioms that learners never understand, need to learn, but can't be taught in the classroom. WARNING: these may be gross, disgusting, politically incorrect but they are meant to make an impact for learners.

SHELFIES is a global ESL/EFL project for Intermediate and Advanced learners. The purpose is to represent and describe your interests based on a photo of your shelf and a 75 word description. We hope to show Global Cultural differences here to bring us all a little closer together. Please share and pass it on so we can make it all around the world.


Finally, teachers the world over have the perfect example to demonstrate blatant plagiarism to their students. But do they practice what they preach? Take a journey with the new "pirates" of ELT.

The Good, The Bad, And The Online

Have you ever been introduced as an English teacher at a party and the first response is “Can you help me?” But now, you have moved to or are planning to move online. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

FLUENCY: Fact, Fiction or Farce

How often I see and hear the word fluency. Everyone studying wants it, everyone promises it, but can everyone achieve it? Is everyone able to reach the level of their language competence that is thought to be fluency?


While catching up on some films and shows, I noticed a few school idioms and decided to do something different. So here is a list of some common classroom-based idioms that you may hear, read or use.

Rob Howard @ Pecha Kucha IATEFL Liverpool 2019
Rob Howard interview @ IATEFL Liverpool 2019
The Ikigai Podcast
Rob Howard interview @ IATEFL Brighton 2018
Rob Howard interview @ IATEFL Glasgow 2017
Rob Howard Present Perfectly VAC @ VRT 4 27 2018
How to present a webinar 2016 - The Do's and Don'ts










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